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Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas

29th October 2006
Getting ready to propose but can't come up with a way to make her say wow. Here are some marriage proposal ideas that are little more creative than your average dinner out. In a recent study the majority of married women reported that they believe that th... Read >

CT100 and SSL

01st September 2006
The CT100 or CertainT 100 by Radware ( is an application accelerator for network based applications. The ct100 is designed for any business that relies on secure web transactions both ingoing and outgoing. The current standard for secure w... Read >

Soft starter: A generation of electric motor power control

17th August 2006
Now it is possible to apply the power of soft starting to even the smallest of applications. Over the years, the engineering and electronics industry has developed a range of soft starters for a range of applications. Many areas have benefited including m... Read >

Dynamic Packaging Travel Technology for Today's Travelers

26th June 2006
Dynamic Packaging Technology is permanently altering the dimensions with which holidays and tours are created and marketed. Research from Multicom from 2005 predicted that dynamic packaging sales will total 2.4 billion and account for almost 35% of the U... Read >

Orbiter Mini UAV

31st May 2006
Aeronautics' Orbiter Mini UAV systems, has been successfully delivered to a European NATO customer. The Customer's personnel had successfully accomplished a training series at Aeronautics' sites. The 2.2m-wingspan Orbiter was operated by the Custom... Read >

Network Centric Warfare - a newly emerging military doctrine

31st May 2006
Aeronautics is closely involved in the development of Network Centric Warfare (NCW), or Network Centric Operations (NCO), a newly emerging military doctrine that aims to exploit technical advances in information technology and telecommunications to improv... Read >

The Stronghold Perimeter Security System

31st May 2006
The Stronghold, a revolutionary new perimeter security system, has been jointly developed by Motorola and Aeronautics Defense Systems. Deploys an impenetrable Virtual Radar Fence that detects any intruder within 300 m range from the perimeter of the p... Read >

Romantic ways to propose

14th April 2006
There's no end to the long list of possible marriage proposals. Seriously. We won't even try to list them all -- someone will add another by the time we get to the end. What we will do, however, is give you a few tips on finding the best marriage proposal... Read >

Creative Ways to Propose

14th April 2006
Here are some creative ways to propose marriage 1. Go crazy: propose to her at Halloween while being dressed up as a clown or some other extravagant character. 2. Extreme sport: propose to her at the top of a mountain in a skiing resort. Propose t... Read >