Dynamic Packaging Travel Technology for Today's Travelers

Published: 26th June 2006
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Dynamic Packaging Technology is permanently altering the dimensions with which holidays and tours are created and marketed. Research from Multicom from 2005 predicted that dynamic packaging sales will total £2.4 billion and account for almost 35% of the UK travel market by 2007. Dynamic Packaging Solution Gilboa has been developed by Galor Systems Ltd to provide travel agents and tour operator's user friendly technology to both maintain and grow their position in this rapidly forming business environment.

This revolutionary dynamic packaging software, Gilboa is a definitive response to the demand for a complete integrated software solution for traditional tour operators and also for both internet based and conventional travel agents. The questions still remain though, 'Do consumers even know what "Dynamic Packaging" is?' Do consumers understand the benefits? Do they want it? Indeed do end-users even care about Dynamic Packaging?

The simple answer is that as travel agents incorporate Dynamic Packaging into their booking systems, the benefits, desire and understanding will filter through to the customer, eventually normalizing this form of travel reservation.

With the dramatic increase of online agents, consumers now have infinite options for all aspects of their travel itinerary. With the travel choices being numerous (location, accommodation, transportation, satisfaction), the demand for simplification to help the customers to create a tailored travel package has now emerged. Gilboa offers this ability.

So what exactly is Dynamic Packaging for Travel Agents & Operators? Simply put, Dynamic Packaging is a buzz word for a traveller self booking system that saves time and increases travel agency profits. Travellers rarely see the term "Dynamic Packaging" online, instead it's called "Build Your Own" tour - "Flight + Hotel", etc. In travel agent terms, it allows them to package their own holidays and raises margins and offer a competitive price compared to their direct competitors. You'll rarely see the phrase on a web site. Sites have adopted rather more straightforward descriptions of the technology: Book Together and Save, Build Your Own or Flight + Hotel, etc.

Dynamic Packaging offers exciting new ways for marketing vacation packages on the internet. The time from the idea for a new travel package to generating sales on the internet is a blink of the eye compared to non dynamic packaging methods. In short, dynamic packaging is not an option for travel agencies, it's an essential technology to remain competitive and maintain market share. Once fully integrated into a travel agency's system, dynamic packaging becomes a launching pad for new travel destinations, agency growth and customer satisfaction.

Galor is a leading Dynamic Packaging Developer with years of experience, hundreds of customers and an impeccable reputation for quality, innovation and reliability.

Since 2005 technology suppliers have been busy updating their systems to allow tour operators to dynamically package with ease. The majority of tour operator reservation systems now offer comprehensive functionality to allow operators to put together packages that bundle their own contracted inventory with attractive third party products such as "no-frills flights."

What's the customer advantage?

Customers are now not restricted to a set package with compulsory departure dates. And are also likely to benefit from the lower fares which scheduled airlines are prepared to offer as part of a package, but not when sold alone.

Prepare for the customer risk…

As with all package travel- if the customer decides not to travel, a full or even partial refund is unlikely. The agent will buy a hotel room on the customer's behalf very soon after booking, or as soon as credit card payment is confirmed. That makes travel insurance all the more important. Customers should buy and be encouraged to buy insurance together with the booking. This insurance can then also be Dynamically Packaged into the itinerary.

Dynamic Packaging: hot or not?

The travel industry has been touting the benefits of "dynamic packaging" for some time, hailing this as the "killer app" of online travel booking. Consumers have never had so much choice; they now have more flexibility, more visibility of pricing and this puts them firmly in the driving seat.

Travel Agents and Tour Operators can now build and book an entire holiday or trip through one system, selecting the options that best meet their needs on price, dates, convenience, location and of course making any special offers / discounts that may secure that booking. Dynamic packaging allows travel agents to mix and match flights, accommodation, car hire, excursions and more within one packaged booking.

Gilboa Travel Agent Software can be locally installed or run over a web-based application, reducing costs and increasing usability for the agent. At the Galor website you can 'dynamically book' a Dynamic Packaging Demo.

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