The Stronghold Perimeter Security System

Published: 31st May 2006
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The Stronghold, a revolutionary new perimeter security system, has been jointly developed by Motorola and Aeronautics Defense Systems.

Deploys an impenetrable Virtual Radar Fence that detects any intruder within 300 m range from the perimeter of the protected site.

Automatically directs a day/night camera towards the intruder and alerts the Security personnel.

Detects even a slow-crawling intruder, The system's sophisticated control software minimizes false alarms.

Reliable and effective in all weather conditions.

Sronghold has been deployed successfully by Israel's MOD.

Perimeter Security System Components:

Intruder Detection Radar

Stronghold uses the Perimeter Surveillance Radar System (PSRS), consisting of one or more ground radar sensors networked to a central control and display unit.

Detection of stationary or moving targets in all weather conditions

Uses Millimeter wave high resolution radar technology with 360 coverage in azimuth

Low effective radiated power, causes no harm to humans and reduces potential interference with other systems

Adapts in response to wind movement, rain etc.

Transmits alert data to Stronghold C4I Center

Intruder Investigation Cameras

Aviv is a high-resolution camera mounted on a powered PTZ pivot. Its advantages within the perimeter security system include:

Modularity configuration: CCD+ spot light, CCD + uncooled FLIR

Fast reaction

IP68 standard

Zoom lens

Cost effectiveness

C4I Center

The core of the Aeronautics Perimeter Security System is the C4I Center which synthesizes the Stronghold sensor outputs into a single accurate tactical Display. The C4I Center uses state-of-the-art software to perform all the following actions automatically in Real Time:

Receives alert data from remote radar unit

Directs nearest camera towards suspicious target

Alerts C4I operator to view video image of target

Displays dynamic location of target on electronic site map

Distributes alert to any other security personnel, as required, via personal beeper, SMS etc.

Records video and data on DVR

The Imaging System of the Stronghold C4I Center displays the camera video and site map:

Display can be configured in a variety of formats (one image per screen, split screen etc).

Recorded video and data can be replayed, from all cameras in synchrony, for accurate analysis of training or operational events.

Perimeter Security System Advantages

Aeronautics has used its proven experience in C4I development and implementation to create a truly advanced perimeter security system to protect vital facilities.

Stronghold's compact state-of-the-art radar sensors add the depth dimension to site protection and detects intruders well before they can reach the perimeter fence and penetrate a protected site.

Stronghold's modular perimeter security system architecture enables adaptation to varied and complex security environments and requirements, capable of integration of additional or existing security sensors, such as:

Electronic fences

Optical radars

Access control systems

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